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The 3 big challenges of recruiting for mental health jobs

The 3 big challenges of recruiting for mental health jobs

Finding qualified candidates for behavioral and mental health jobs and services can be difficult. Even when unemployment is high, it’s a challenge. Employers relying on in-house recruiting from HR run into these issues:

  1. Time. It can take weeks or months to sift through hundreds of online resumes to identify potential candidates. For a busy HR department, this is a huge time commitment.
  2. Screening. Job candidates for mental and behavioral health positions must meet standards for education, background, experience, certifications and licensing. They must also often appropriately answer questions about their character, trustworthiness, and reliability. References are key and thorough vetting is a necessity.
  3. Engagement. If HR succeeds in identifying a set of viable candidates, they must then compete for the candidates’ interest and commitment and “sell” the job.

The result is longer and longer vacancies. Unfilled positions put pressure on all the current employees—and it’s not easy for the HR team either. It’s critical that patients receive the care they need with no decline in service.

How staffing and recruiting experts can help

Our clients rely on us to find, screen and present appropriate candidates for open positions. For years, we’ve placed qualified employees in clinical, hospital, residential, and other mental and behavioral health settings. Our value to clients is in our sustained experience and meaningful training and mentoring for our recruiters. We offer a distinct set of skills that may not be available in a small HR department.

Recruiters in filling mental health jobs have a strong pipeline of candidates to draw from. They also know how to identify the candidates that best fit an organization. They’re ready at that point to approach a candidate with the opportunity and its tangible and intangible benefits.

For healthcare organizations seeking to fill open positions quickly and efficiently, outside recruiters add value to the process by professionally handling the three challenges above.

We want to help you meet the challenges of today’s talent challenges. Call us for more information on how we can support your mental health hiring needs.