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Our Recruiting Process to Find you the Ideal Candidate

Our clients are seeking the best of the best for their organizations. Since a bad hire can cost a company a lot of money, we feel it is very important for our clients to fully understand our recruiting process for finding top talent. This is an important conversation to have as it not only assures our clients that we have a careful, well-thought approach to recruiting, but it also gives us an opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of what the client is looking for in a new hire. The more we know and understand what our clients’ hiring needs and culture are, the better we are able to serve them.

Our Strategy – Understand the client and their expectations.

What type of role is it? What is the culture like? What key attributes would a candidate need in order to be successful and thrive in the organization? These are all key factors that we take into account when looking for potential candidates.

Our Applicant Vetting Process – Review, screen and market.

We review hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. The most qualified applicants will have the opportunity to become marketable candidates for a role. Based on the skills outlined in the resume, we can narrow down our applicant pool to individuals that would be the best fit for the positions we are sourcing for. After the initial resume review, the next phase involves a thorough screening of the candidate, including phone screening, and a face-to-face interview. These processes are the cornerstone of our vetting process.

Not only do we become better versed on the candidate’s background, qualifications and skill-level; we also get to know personality, communication skills, and gain further insight on what the candidate’s wants and needs are for their next career move. Their interests are just as important to us (as they should be to all recruiters and hiring managers) as our clients’ needs. We are looking for the candidate with the most relevant experience and skills, but we also want them to be able to fit into the company comfortably and in a way they can succeed and meet their own goals.
After we screen our candidates and if we feel they would be a good fit with the client, we will “market” them. Candidates are informed of any position they are being considered for before their resume is sent to the client. This allows the candidate an opportunity to “vet” the client as well. Once the client has decided to move forward with a candidate, we will facilitate all interview preparation and scheduling, verifying dates of employment and obtaining references along with any other requirements requested by our client.

We are proud of our recruiting process which has helped us to find the best of the best for our clients. Our track record is excellent and our goal is not only to help match the right fit candidate with our client, but build our clients trust as well as a successful partnership for the long term.