Inbound and outbound call center jobs

There are two main types of phone call work done in call centers—outbound and inbound.

  • Inbound Call Center Representatives take incoming phone calls. Using their knowledge of products or services and their customer service skills, they satisfy callers, solve problems, and retain business.
  • Outbound Call Center Representatives may place calls to consumers to sell products or services, or to follow up on products or services provided.

About 23 percent of contact center representatives work in finance and insurance. The largest numbers were employed by insurance carriers, insurance agencies and brokerages, and banks and credit unions, but call centers are also used by government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and retail companies. Organizations may manage their own call center or contract for services on a permanent or temporary basis from a call center provider.

Call Center job growth projected

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of call center jobs is expected to increase by 7 percent over the next few years. Call Centers employ many people at different levels and talented employees can often find advancement opportunities.

AllStaff sources, screens, and places talent in the following roles:

Call Center Representative  |  Account Manager  |  Customer Service Manager  |  Call Center Operations  |  Team Manager  |  Telemarketer  |  Training Manager  |  Telesales Specialist  |  Customer Care Supervisor  |  Customer Service Representative  |  Member Support Specialist  |  Market Research Specialist  |  Call Center Agent  |  Collections Agent   |  Appointment Setting Specialist  |  and much more.

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