Treasurers provide Financial management expertise

Treasurers are essential finance professionals who oversee the financial well-being of businesses, agencies, and organizations. They perform a wide variety of duties, including the organization of investment funds, implementation of strategies to increase capital, and development of financial plans for mergers and acquisitions.

Their skills are needed in most industries, where managing money is the key to success. Treasury jobs have a wide focus and may include titles and responsibilities such as the following:

Asset Liability Management  |  Balance Sheet Modeling  |  Funds Transfer Pricing  |  Liquidity Risk Management  |  Capital and Liquidity  |  Capital Management  |  Interest Rate Risk Management  |  and much more.

Demand for Treasurers expected to increase

Treasurers can anticipate average job growth of 9% over the next few years. Regulatory changes and the expansion and globalization of finance will increase the need for treasury expertise and drive job growth. Treasurer jobs can be found in the public and private sector, as well as nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations.

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