Accountants help businesses grow

Accounting professionals are responsible for managing an organization’s finances. Activities may involve poring over spreadsheets, detailing cash flow, and identifying ways to free up capital, increase profitability, and decrease expenses.

The types of Finance and Accounting jobs available range from those that require basic skills to those requiring advanced degrees. Banking, corporate finance, financial planning, real estate, insurance, and investment banking all require finance and accounting professionals, but so do every other kind of company, from large corporations to small nonprofits to startups.

The accounting career path is long and wide

A career in accounting can take you in lots of different directions, all across the org chart. Examples of accounting job titles include:

Financial Analyst  |  Business Analyst  |  Compliance Manager  |  Public Accountant  |  Fiscal Analyst  |  Assistant Treasurer  |  Staff Accountant  |  Bookkeeper  |  Payroll Manager  |  CPA  |  and much more.

The finance and accounting recruitment market has been extremely buoyant and is expected to continue. Increased hiring is expected across the board as companies are growing and will need to add professionals to their finance teams, especially in the industries of consumer products and manufacturing.

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