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Happy Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day

On June 14, 1777, the 2nd Continental Congress confirmed the first American flag. One hundred and eighty-one years later, President Eisenhower selected a new design with fifty stars. Did you know that the designer was a 17-year old Ohio high school student?

Why temping is a great career move

Why temping is a great career move

If you’re out of school and your dream job hasn’t arrived yet, have you considered a temp agency? There are at least three good reasons why a temp job may be your best career move.

Writing a job description that works

Writing a job description that works | Part 2: Seasoning

In Part 1 of this article, we covered the basic ingredients of a good job description. The key elements are: Job Title, Job Summary, Job Scope, Responsibilities, Internal Relationships, and Skills. These are the meat and potatoes.

Is it enough? No, it’s just the bare minimum. A good job description does more.

Why do I need a resume?

Why do I need a resume? Four reasons

If you’re looking for a part-time job, a general labor job, or your very first job, it’s still essential to have a resume. A resume is a valuable tool that lets you organize and show your achievements. For the person interviewing you, it’s useful, informative, and may set you apart from other job applicants.

How to write a job description

Writing a job description that works | Part 1: Basic Ingredients

A good job description is one of the most important tools in a successful job placement. It helps employers describe, refine, and sell a role. It allows job candidates to compare their skills and background to the requirements of the position—and to qualify or disqualify themselves. It’s essential for recruiters, ad writers, and interviewers. In fact, if done right, it prevents wasted time for everyone.

Healthcare Jobs in Demand in 2017

Healthcare jobs continue to be in high demand in 2017. According to an article from CNBC, three of the top five entry-level jobs this year are in healthcare. That’s two more than in 2016.
America’s aging population is one reason why the medical industry is hiring at a record pace, as well as paying well for qualified employees.

What Candidates Are Saying About Digital Staffing

Digital Staffing found close job matches for me based on my background. They listened to me and asked meaningful questions in a way that made our conversations comfortable and pleasant. I recommend Digital Staffing to anyone searching for a new job and to companies who have open positions.”

Rob M. 09/09/2016