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5 Skills for Admin Professionals

5 Skills for Admin Professionals

 5 Skills for Admin Professionals

Every administrative assistant job is different. Admins work everywhere—in dentists’ offices, banks, manufacturing plants, IT start-ups, real estate offices, even rocket labs! All of these workplaces require administrative assistance to keep things running smoothly. Skills for admins vary from job to job, but the basics are the same.

You’ll need these 5 skills for almost any admin job:

Skill 1: Use a computer. Most admin jobs require you to work on a computer. You will probably use a PC with Windows and Microsoft software, like Microsoft Office. It’s possible, but less likely, that you could use Apple and Mac computers, or “cloud” software like Google Docs. The more systems you can learn, the better.

Skill 2: Create documents. Microsoft Word is the most widely use tool for creating letters and other documents on a computer. Word is easy to use and you can pick up the basics in a few hours. If you need to create a presentation or slideshow-type document, you’ll probably use Microsoft PowerPoint.

Skill 3: Use spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used software for tables and spreadsheets. It’s not just for accounting and math, but any kind of planning, tracking, or list-making. You’ll find it very useful to manage details of events, projects, tasks, or other data.

Skill 4: Navigate the internet. Getting around on the internet is a critical skill. You may need to go online to search for supplies or vendors, and to visit your company website. You’ll use Google or other search engines to help you with any kind of research. If you’re not online now, you need to learn. It’s also the quickest way to find job opportunities!

Skill 5: Communicate well. Can you make yourself understood in writing and speaking? An administrative assistant is often the link between different people and departments. You will need to make sure that messages come through clearly. If this is not easy for you, slow down, speak carefully, and ask questions.

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